Meaning of diversity for AFS Tech


Miina Arop, HR Specialist at the AFS Tech Center in Tallinn is among the 13 AFS Diversity Ambassadors that promote values such as equity and inclusion within the Arvato Financial Solutions group.

Being part of a team comprised of 27 nationalities (and counting!), Miina considers it her mission in her role to bring people closer together and encourage them to learn from each other.

“I strongly believe that the differences between our individual team members truly enrich us as a whole. These may be cultural differences, differences in age, gender, interests, etc.” the newly-appointed Diversity Ambassador said.

A topic that she looks forward working on that is close to her heart is inspiring women and people from different age groups to apply for IT positions at the AFS Tech Center.

“Drive, passion for innovation and wisdom from experience is something that does not depend on a person’s gender or age. We at AFS Tech Center welcome everyone who wants to commit to working with fin tech solutions that affect the every-day lives of millions of people each day,” Miina Arop added.

AFS Tech Center began consciously transforming the company to become a tolerant and open minded organisation two years ago. The firm joined the Estonian Diversity Charter launched by the Estonian Human Rights Centre, started celebrating Diversity day and putting a lot of emphasis on celebrating the Independence Days of the countries of origin of the team members. These and other initiatives implemented have had a tremendous impact on the organisation where the international dimension plays a special role.

“But diversity also means appreciating the many different experiences our team members bring into the organisation through their personal interests. This has allowed us to launch the AFS sports and health club of people with similar hobbies, board game club and even a company band,” she said, bringing examples of how diversity reflects in the life of the company.

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