Passion to help - International HR Day

On May 20th is an International Human Resources Day that is dedicated to recognizing all the hardworking HR professionals. They work passionately to ensure that the company’s most valuable asset – its employees – would always be happy and supported.

Therefore we asked our colleagues why they have chosen the HR field, what they do every day, what brings them joy and challenges, and why they are working in AFS Tech Center.


What is your position and responsibilities in AFS Tech Center?

Kairi: “I am a Recruiter and thus responsible for finding the best talents for our development teams and keeping the candidates happy during the whole recruitment process.”

Helena: “HR Specialist, main responsibilities involve labor law and labor relations, also relocation support.”

Miina: “My position is HR and Social Media Specialist, where I try to make our A-wesome A-teamers work environment and lives as easy and fun as possible, while capturing everything. That means I will be there for them starting from onboarding until they leave, including everything in-between.”

Regina: “Well, my duties as Head of HR vary from A to Z in the HR field. And again, I enjoy that part very much – in order to succeed in HR in general, one has to be super-flex-stretchy as a person, motivate with one hand and also be strict like a cop from other side, always shiny like a brand-new car and happy like a puppy, overall a person with the right mindset and attitude.”

Why did you choose Human Resources field?

Kairi: “Working in HR was not something I dreamed about. I ended up here kind of accidentally precisely ten years ago, and I still like it a lot, as I love to work closely with and for people”

Helena: “I got the great opportunity out of nowhere and decided to try. I have always loved to help people and this field is definitely one of them where this can be practiced.”

Miina: “As Kairi, I ended up in this field pretty randomly almost 3 years ago. I always knew I like to help people, but the most important thing for me was to be fair, encourage others to try different things, and the idea that I have the possibility to change someone’s life with small things. I used to use smile or a sentence, but now I can literally help their lives with a job/ work environment where they have to spend a lot of time. Therefore I hope I can make their time away from home a bit better.”

Regina: “HR actually chose me and I´m so happy about it because I´ve always dreamed working in the HR field in the international set-up. My second biggest career related dream would be working in the HR and/or related field for a couple of years outside of Estonia, preferably in the hot and sunny place. I like that in this work area I can take a good use of my legal and economics background.”

What are the biggest challenges and joys in the field?

Kairi: “Working with people can always be a challenge, though positive emotions are predominating.”

Helena: “The biggest challenge is open and constant communication and the biggest joy is thankfulness, shiny eyes and happy faces, the gratitude.”

Miina: “The biggest challenge is to make everyone happy, the biggest joy is when you actually achieve little parts of that, and see it from their faces.”

Regina: “The biggest challenges – oh my god, people. Joys in the field – of course, people.”

Why did you choose to work at AFS Tech Center?

Kairi: “I chose to work here because of our HR team, cool and smart colleagues, the international scope of the company and solutions we are building here. Many cat people is an additional bonus.”

Helena: “I received a great offer from a previous colleague and the impact of the company was very motivating, and now I am happy with my choice!”

Miina: “My friend worked here, and recommended for me to join. Best decision I have made. From the company perspective they give you possibilities to learn and develop yourself, and it is okay to make mistakes. In addition you can see and feel how much they care about their employees. And people here are overall supportive, friendly (no one is looking down on each other and everyone are equal), we have A LOT of different nationalities to learn from, plus of course my magnificent team, where we always got each others back.”

Regina: “Because this is the best place to be and the absolutely best team ever to work with. Last, but not the least, because of people, my dear, awesome, talented team members – Kairi, Miina and Helena. I admire Kairi´s passion to recruit every single talent in the world. I adore Miina´s always-look-at-the-bright attitude and just can´t get enough Helena´s wisdom, gentle guidance and patience.”