AFS Tech Center Dedicated Their Motion Challenge Miles to Estonian Human Rights Centre

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This fall, Arvato Financial Solutions enterprises all over Europe participated in the AFS Motion Challenge 55,555 where people walked, jogged, cycled or performed any other physical activity in the total distance of 59,654.12 km!

Along with our colleagues from Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Spain and UK, the Estonian-based employees of AFS Tech Center also contributed their time and energy into achieving the ambitious goal of the initiative.

As a reward, each office was given the right to donate € 1,000 to a non-profit organization that is committed to inclusion or people with disabilities.

“Since AFS Tech Centre has been actively involved in the Diversity initiative with great help from the Estonian Human Rights Centre (EHRC), our team decided to donate our “motion miles” to this organization for their worthy contribution into building a more tolerant society,” said Katre Vahtra, the Managing Director of AFS Tech Center.

She added that since almost 50% of the AFS Tech Center team is comprised of foreign employees, many of whom have moved to Estonia with their whole families, the company wants to support initiatives that helps promote open-mindedness and create a more welcoming environment for the foreign employees.

According to Egert Rünne, the Director of the Estonian Human Rights Centre, the organization will use part of the donation to publish the 2022 issue of the “Human Rights in Estonia” report, an annual independent report on the state of human rights in the country. “The donation will also help us organize trainings on diversity and inclusion, especially the blended learning course “Diversity and Inclusion” to organizations in Estonia,” Egert said.

In recent years, EHRC has focused on topics such as diversity & inclusion, equal treatment, refugee rights, hate speech and hate crimes, but also data protection and digital rights. Through the organization’s strategic litigation program, they have helped many same-sex couples in residence rights cases and adoption related issues in the absence of proper implementation of the registered partnership law, and have also provided legal aid for asylum seekers.

A total of 140 employers, among them also AFS Tech Center, have joined the Estonian Diversity Charter coordinated by the Estonian Human Rights Centre.